We make being green easy

There are important environmental benefits that come from using responsibly sourced and sustainable timber to build your home and medium-density property project. As a natural building material, timber can be 100% renewable, sustainable and eco-friendly.

At The Truss Company, we responsibly source our eco timber from local suppliers and sawmills. We maintain strong relationships with our eco timber suppliers, to ensure their operations are aligned with our business values.

The use of timber as a renewable building material can play a significant role in combating climate change. In fact, your choice of building materials can influence the energy required to construct, heat and cool your home.

Research has shown that sustainable timber buildings have a lower overall impact on climate change than steel-framed homes. For instance, the use of steel framing involves approximately 7 times more CO2 emissions when compared to an average 4-bedroom timber home.

As timber is a lightweight building material, it requires less energy to haul and transport when compared to more carbon-intensive building materials such as steel and concrete. At The Truss Company, we are proud supporters of eco timber and its use in Queensland constructions.

We believe the use of sustainable timber in construction encourages forestry to expand, not contract. An expansion of forestation leads to an increase in the carbon sink effect. This reduces the rate of CO2 build up in the atmosphere and helps to combat climate change.

As a general rule, replacing a cubic meter of concrete with a cubic meter of timber will avoid about a ton (1000 kilograms) of CO2 emissions.

MaterialEnergy used in Production (MI/m3)Carbon Released (kg/m3)Carbon Stored (kg)
Steel266 0005 3200
Concrete4 8001200
Aluminum1 100 00022 0000
2003 CRC for Greenhouse Accounting

At The Truss Company we are committed to best-practice sustainable timber. We’re a proud supporter of the Australian timber and forestry sectors. We only use Australian timber suppliers who operate under the Code of Forest Practice for the Production of Timber to ensure their sustainable forest plantation management.

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